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KMC will award 4 credit points to the delegates and 5 credit points to the faculty attending RETNET INDIA meet.

RetNetIndia is a network of the retina specialists in india who help each other learn, hone their clinical and surgical skills for the greater benefit of patients and the field of vitreo retinal diseases and surgery. RetNetIndia strongly believes in the adage "Katradhu Kai Mann alavu; kalladadhu ulagaluvu", the prophetic words of Avvaiyar, the tamil poet of yore - in English " what you know is a mere handful; what you don't is as big as the universe". There is always more to learn!

Retnet meetings are unique in there are no didactic lectures, but only has case based discussions. This year we have enhanced the surgical session - "Fellows follies", a section that comprises of beginners mistakes and a more advanced "Consultant conundrums".

We have been together past 7 years, the meetings getting better with each year, thanks to the great cases all of you brought in. Hope we can join hands to make this the best retnet yet!

Retnetindia Organising Committee

Dr.Rajesh R

Mob. : 91 - 9036952706
Email : drragraj@gmail.com

Dr.Divyansh Mishra

Mob. : 91 - 8977405171
Email : divyansh.mishra@gmail.com


Mob. : 91 - 9968859652
Email : retnetindia@gmail.com


Mob. : 91 - 8008661059
Email : retnetindia@gmail.com


Mob. : 91 - 9582609679
Email : retnetindia@gmail.com



  • Dr. Muna Bhende
  • Dr. Pramod Bhende
  • Dr. Nitin S. Shetty
  • Dr. Raja Narayan
  • Dr. V R Sarvanan
  • Dr. H S Trehan
  • Dr. Avinash Pathengay
  • Dr. N S Muralidhar
  • Dr. P. Mahesh Shanmugam
  • Dr. Amod Gupta
  • Dr. Mahesh
  • Dr. Giridhar